Why Internet Marketing

emiliedropshadowThe fact that you’re here in the first place tells me that there is at least a part of you that is searching for a better way. A way to stop living life on someone else’s terms and start living them on your own. This internet marketing blog is all about helping you make an informed and intelligent decision about which products, services or people you may want to hook up with in the internet marketing world. I show you the good, the bad and the ugly about each because anything less wouldn’t be fair. In other words, I don’t just paint a rosy picture every time I post a review because nothing online is perfect. Affiliate marketing (and internet marketing in general) have been a very good thing for my wife and I and because of that I want to help others see the value, benefit and power of it for themselves. As such, this blog will offer you some great affiliate marketing strategies that will potentially take years off your learning curve.

Since coming online in 2008, I’ve been able to learn a ton (both good and bad) and have enjoyed some incredibly profitable times (and some not so profitable too!). Hopefully my story may inspire you to take action and to create a better life for yourself and your family because the internet is so powerful and brings something unique into ones’ life-leverage (more on that in a few minutes).

If you are looking for some honest help online, this is one of those places. I don’t say that lightly either. When I first started looking for ways to earn an income online and home based business opportunities I knew I need some help to guide me along the precipitous path to making money at home and soon found myself looking online for some really good marketing training programs, software and mentors.

Working From Home Full Time…Truth Or Myth?

Home Based Business OpportunitiesThe reality is that there are rotten apples everywhere and online is no different! Such is life, so if you accept that now, you’ll be much better off as you search for legitimate ways to create a real internet business. I’m here to tell you that although I always assumed working from home wasn’t legitimate, but it isn’t. Once I started diligently searching the internet for other people who were already doing it, hope began to arise. Not everyone is out to scam people or rip them off. You just have to find them, just like I did. The further down the ‘internet marketing rabbit hole’ you go, you’ll see that the internet is a place of signifcant opportunity and because of that it is growing at over 1,000,000 new users a day.

There are a lot of ways to earn a great living on the internet and while I won’t give you some boring and exhaustive list, I will cover best ways to do it through my product reviews because these have worked for me the most.

Affiliate Marketing   Of all the ways to work at home using the internet, affiliate marketing is probably one of my all time favorites for a few different reasons. First of all, anyone can start an online business immediately through affiliate marketing opportunities because you don’t need a product or a website (you use the company’s website and their products instead of your own which frees you up from the hassle of having to deal with returns,
inesandme_borderrefunds, customer service and billing).

The beauty of affiliate marketing is that you get to leverage (ahh, one of my favorite words again) someone else’s work and effort instead of your own. In exchange for that convenience, you take a smaller percentage of profit. As an example, the typical internet marketing affiliate program pays their affiliates 20-50% with the average that I have found around 30%.

Every month for years, I have received affiliate checks and it is one of the sweetest feelings around! Anyone can get started making money with affiliate marketing. How? Here are 2 great resources to go: 1) ClickBank and 2) Commission Junction. Both companies have simple sign up processes and pay faithfully (I personally used ClickBank and am most comfortable with it because that’s the first one what I started with). Because of the immense value that being an affiliate can bring, I’ll be sharing various affiliate marketing strategies in my newsletter for those who joined my e-mail marketing list above.

Home Business Opportunities  Also known as internet business opportunities. Even the best home based business opportunities have gotten a bad rap and I have to admit rightfully so. Why? Because there is usually so much hype involved in a internet marketing product launch or anytime when a lot of success is being had.

Today, biz-opps have become an interesting thing with me. On one hand they can be the path to creating success online, but they can also leave a path of destruction in their wake for those who do not take action or are coachable.

The reason most people fail online is because 97% of all people in business either take little or no action. Whether it is Multi Level Marketing (MLM) or Direct Sales companies (or anything else for that matter), most people are not natural born entrepreneurs and don’t have the skill sets necessary to start, run and manage a profitable online business. That left me feeling guilty too often when people who joined my and my team and spent a great deal doing it yet most did not realize the success they were looking for.

There are so many ways to create success using the internet like envelope stuffing, taking surveys, writing or blogging for companies, becoming an outsourcer and doing things like graphic design, building webpages and coding and so on. There’s even a website called Fiverr that let’s people offer even the most bizarre services for a mere $5 bucks! So, don’t limit yourself to affiliate marketing or online business opportunities because there are plenty of areas to choose from. I focus on the ones that I enjoyed the most success with and leave the rest up to you. Ultimately, you’ll choose the right opportunity for you and that’s all that really matters.

The Power of Leverage

I mentioned the concept of leverage earlier on and I wanted to revisit that again because it’s probably the one thing I enjoy the most about working from home using the internet.


Influence, force, power, control. In other words it is the ability to do more with less.


Now ask yourself  ‘do I have any leverage working in my life right now?’ If the answer is no, or you’re not sure then keep reading. The internet brings the average person the ability to create more than what they might ordinarily be able to create on their own. How is that possible? Easy, really. Internet marketing is exclusively digital and when you begin marketing your online business with things like websites, articles, blogs, and videos, you create the ability to multiply yourself in a way that nothing else can.

At one point, I had a YouTube channel that had 120 videos in that I took a little bit of time to create. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, those little videos would work for me like little soldiers in an online army and share my message and story in a way that nothing else could. I was able to reach 5 primary countries and ‘speak to’ hundreds if not thousands of people at the same time (often times while I was sleeping due to the time zone differences between countries). Can you see what I’m driving at here? Because of that, marketing online is one of my passions and that’s one of the reasons that I work online full time and have for over 4 years now.

Though it has its ups and downs, will take some money to get started, and there is a learning curve (what doesn’t?), there’s still nothing in this world like it.


To your success,





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