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Wealth Masters International Review

Wealth Masters InternationalIn this Wealth Masters International review, I’m going to share with you why this Top Tier direct sales company is the only major player left in the industry after 8 years running. You may not know this, but every single direct sales opportunity that costs over $3K is gone except the Empower Network.


I’ll be sharing my personal experiences with the company and with both Kip Herriage and Karl Bessey, the two founders of Wealth Masters International which is based in Sugar Land Texas. I will be sharing both the positive ponts and negative ones with you and feel that’s especially important as was with them for almost 2 years. It’s easy to give a glowing review about something when you are having a lot of success, but I want to share it all here.

What Is Wealth Masters International?

conference pictureWealth Masters International is a direct sales company with roots in multi level marketing (has multiple tiers or levels of pay and commission earning potential) that offers financial education conferences as their products. As I said they’ve been in business for eight years and have continued to grow despite the changes in the economy as well as losing their primary supplier of new members (Carbon Copy Pro) back in 2010.

The company provides a variety of insight in the financial realm based off of founders Kip Herriages’s years of experience on Wall Street as a major player there. Having achieved success in the investment world, Herriage decided to offer training for the general public, not just a select group of high wealth-high net worth investors who could afford his services when he was with Oppenheimer funds as one of their fund managers.

They offer 3 different products which are:

  • M1 Masters program   The entry level product that is physically shipped to your house with books and CD’s and DVD’s to empower, educate and inform. The WMI M1 costs around $2000.
  • M2 Masters program   The Wealth Masters International M2 product is actually a conference that is held twice a year in a American based dsetination resort area and comprises of roughly 2 days of conferences from various industry speakers in the finance, political and personal development world. The WMI M2 costs $9995 (that when purchased together with the M1).
  • M3 Masters program  The M3 program is the all inclusive 5 star international resort conference for 5 days which is the culmination of the M1 and M2 events. The training and information at their M3 lifestyle event is not just more of the M2, but next level information. They closely guard what is said about the events, and as such I’m being generic intentionally. The WMI M3 costs $19,995 (that when purchased together with the M1 and M2 which is known as the Platinum Plus membership)

My Personal Experience With Wealth Masters

I have been fortunate enough to much success in the company and have enjoyed the products and training, and especially the live events held either once or twice per year at changing locations.

I know Kip and Karl personally now and can say they genuinely care about helping other people tackle their financial situations and for them to make great money with a home business opportunity that Wealth masters International offers.

Here are some final thoughts on Wealth Masters…

Wealth Masters International Strong Points

  • Some of the best finance insight I’ve ever received (not what your financial planner is teaching)
  • The events are incredible and a LOT of fun
  • The commissions are substantial
  • The products is easy to sell-people don’t want another vacation biz opp-they need to learn how to properly manage their money!
  • They have a VP of leadership (John Jackson) who is one of the most profoundly powerful and inspiring people I have ever heard of met

Wealth Masters International Weak Points

  • The price of their products can be a turn off for some people
  • They had some internal processes that were weak and some payments were delayed to affiliates (I was one of them). This has been corrected, but it’s worth noting
  • The M3 private wealth conference I feel is a bit overpriced, though I personally bought it

My rating? On a scale of 0-100, I rate this opportunity at an ’91’ which is strong.




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