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Unique Article Wizard Review

Unique Article WizardIn this Unique Article Wizard review, I’m going to reveal the real power behind this tool and share a bit about what it has done for me and my business. First things first, you may be asking ‘what the heck is Unique Article Wizard and why do I need it?’

Great question! Unique Article Wizard is a cloud based piece of software that allows you to upload hundreds of unique articles to hundreds of article and blog networks around the world with different author or pen names to create hundreds or even thousands of backlinks to your website in just a few minutes.

Unique Article Wizard – What It Does

That said, Unique Article Wizard is safe to use especially after the infamous Google Penguin and Panda updates released in 2012 which essentially destroyed thousands of websites rankings due to poor quality content, lack of content, and weak anchor text variation. If I just lost you, don’t worry because I cover those things and how to easily avoid those penalties on this website.

But suffice it to say that Unique Article Wizard is safe to use. I use it on all my sites. A buddy of mine has over 1,000 websites and he uses it on 99% of them today!

Now back the Unique Article Wizard review…
Now that you have a basic understanding of what the tool does, I want to share with you why you’d want to make this tool a part of your weekly SEO back linking strategies as an internet marketer. When it comes to getting your website or blog ranked at the top of Google, you’ll need to do 3 primary things:

  • Create really good quality content worth reading
  • Make sure your on page SEO has been done correctly
  • Ensure that you are creating a variety of good to high quality backlinks from a variety of sources all over the web.

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While there is a lot more to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and profitable internet marketing, those are the three primary areas you’ll want to focus on.

How Unique Article Wizard Works

UniqueArticleWizard makes your life much simpler once you understand the three areas of page rank I just mentioned because it enables you to work one time and potentially get paid for the rest of time. UAW logoHow does it do that? Easy. 1) You load in an original piece of content such as this article I’m writing right now, and then spin it  using spinning software such as the one I use called spinrewriter (making it unique hundreds of times over), then you load that spun article into the software along with some spun titles and author resource boxes and give UAW some keywords (10 is suggested) and you’re ready to go.

You can then tell UAW how many times per day you want to submit your uniquely spun content to the hundreds of blog and article directories it submits content to.

Why is that so important? Because all of the content the software will send out will create traffic for your website, PLUS the links back to your site are the ‘juice’ to get your site to the top of the search engines (ask me how I know… Grin)
What’s great about UAW is that it runs on a Mac or PC because it’s cloud based. Meaning it isn’t something you need to download to your computer which ends up being a win-win for you because it won’t slow your computer down and you don’t need a PC to run it (like some other article marketing software like Article Marketing Robot). On top of that, Unique Article Wizard will run on autopilot (no your computer does not need to be running for it to work) until you either turn off the submissions for that article or you run out of them.

Now UAW submits to over 400 different article and blog directories so even if you made 5 article submissions per day, it would take months for you to run out of places that it will submit your content to. That means that each article submission you make with the software can create hundreds of good quality backlinks for you on complete autopilot!

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Now I would be remiss if I didn’t point out some of the downfalls of Unique Article Wizard because there isn’t a perfect mass article submission software out there (and will probably never be).

So here are the things that I don’t like about UAW:

  • It has a bit of a learning curve when it comes to creating author resources boxes
  • You have to have a article spinner ready and be familiar with it. So if you don’t mind trading a little manual labor for a few minutes now, the rewards can be very high!
  • The first couple of times using it will take longer (my first submission took me an hour from start to finish, but now I burn through the submissions quickly)

I first bought the software about a year ago and have really been focusing on it for client websites that I’ve been getting to the top of Google and have been extremely satisfied with the results. While I do other link building strategies, UAW is one of the more powerful ones and is considered a staple in my SEO arsenal. If you are looking for an affordable, easy to use tool that can act as your primary link building and SEO optimizing strategy, then UniqueArticleWizard is the tool for you.

If you are totally lazy and don’t want to invest a small amount of time a few times for each project, website or campaign that you have then I would suggest that SEO and getting your website ranked on the top of the search engines isn’t for you either. There isn’t any high quality ‘push-button’ link creation short cuts (atleast none that won’t get you penalized or sandboxed by Google).

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My Final Review Of Unique Article Wizard

In case you were wondering, I’m going to break down my final analysis of the software and recap the advantages and disadvantages of using it:

Benefits Of Unique Article Wizard:

  • Creates hundreds of back links without any additional effort or input
  • Software is very powerful
  • Can run on Mac or PC

Disadvantages About UAW:

  • It’s $67 per month. There’s no one time pay option
  • There’s a small learning curve-it can frustrate first time marketers
  • You need to use spinning software

My rating? On a scale of 0-100, I rate this tool at an ’90 which is quite high.

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When you order through my affiliate link and email your receipt, I’ll email you straight away your bonus templates for setting up and running your UAW campaigns super fast!


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