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profits theme This review on the  Profits Theme will walk you through what is one of the most powerful and easy to use WordPress Themes available today. I know that’s a bold statement, but once you see this Profits Theme review and all of the features that this custom WordPress theme has, I guarantee that you will be blown away.

How can I say such amazing things about the Profits Theme? Because I have been building websites for almost 5 years now and have tried everything under the sun when it comes to the best WordPress designs.

My Story…

When I first started building websites, I had zero html knowledge. Because I’m not the most tech guy out there, I decided to start with iWeb from Apple. Although I could drag and drop using their WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) because it’s so much like MS Word, it had its share of issuses and I couldn’t create websites for my team members or clients very easily. If they didn’t have the software, then I had to make all the changes for them-it was awful!

Unfortunately, Profits Theme didn’t exist then, so I had to move on to DreamWeaver by Adobe. dreamweaver logoConsidering I had no html experience at that point, I had to hire private coaches to show me how to use it. That was expensive because I paid between $60 and $100/hour to learn it, and though I created some basic templates, I still really struggled with it and ended up having to call the coders that I hired to fix all of my mistakes (even more money!!).

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From there I went to pure WordPress designs, but because WordPress involves both html and CSS, I was almost totally lost trying to make custom WordPress sites even after buying expensive themes to load onto it. I remember paying a guy $2,000 for a single customized WordPress theme.

Ouch, that got expensive quickly. That was about 2 years ago and what I did from there was go to ODesk  and look for coders who could build me WordPress based websites for a lot less.

While I did manage to find guys who were cheap, for the most part they were terrible. While overseas help can be good (today, I have 2 guys from overseas that are very good), having a theme like Profits Theme at your disposal can still save you a lot of time waiting for your designers to complete things and of course a lot of money.  When it comes to profitable internet marketing, finding the lowest priced tool that gives you the best outcome in the shortest amount of time is what it’s all about.

The Profits Theme Editor-Simple and Easy To Use

profitstheme screenshot_1

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Back to the Profits Theme Review…

Profits Theme Features

Now I’m going to share the most important things the theme does for you making you look like a professional marketer from day one. These features should be considered mandatory for any custom WordPress theme:

  • Easy to use with drag and drop usability
  • Little to zero learning curve
  • Must give you the ability to create pages and full sites in just a few minutes
  • Must be cost effective
  • Can be used on unlimited sites that you own

profitstheme editor_screenshot

How Easy Is Profits Theme To Use?

Honestly, I could teach a 13 year old how to use this it’s so simple. If you have never used WordPress before or aren’t familiar with using your cpanel in your hosting account, then you’ll need to learn a few of the basics. There are tons of no cost beginner tutorials on the web  that will introduce you to WordPress and setting it up within your cpanel account. *Note: I personally use HostGator and they walked me through it right over the phone the first few times in just a couple of minutes!

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How Much Does Profits theme Cost?

The great news is that this tool is a one time purchase price of $97. And what’s even better is that you can use it on as many websites as you like. The only stipulation is that you need to personally own those sites, which for internet marketers is never a problem. They have a generous 30 day return policy which I feel is important.

Profits theme Discount

There aren’t any discounts available from Profits Theme, but considering that it’s less than $100, most people won’t have any trouble affording this one.

So here are the things I like about the Profits Theme and things I don’t based on my own experience (BTW-this site you’re on right now was built using Profits Theme!)

Profits Theme Pro’s and Con’s

  • Simple to use platform for building WordPress websites very quickly
  • It is a multi-use tool. You can build landing pages, sales pages, blog pages, memberships sites and product launch pages
  • It utilizes a drag and drop functionality which anyone can learn in less than 15 minutes
  • It’s a one time cost  of just $97 and very affordable for most anyone
  • It is more user friendly than it’s primary competitor OptimizePress
  • Their support has been very good and quick to reply to a couple of questions I had
  • They have a generous affiliate program which pays 50% unlike their primary competitor

Here are the things I don’t like about Profits Theme 

  • To really customize the theme (as I have on this site in my header for example) you need to edit the CSS
  • Their built in opt in form while easy to use doesn’t allow you to collect more than 2 fields of data (name & email only)

My rating? On a scale of 0-100, I rate this tool at an ‘95 which is quite high.

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This is one of those pieces of software and products that I kinda’ geek out about because it’s just so much fun to use and the cool factor is very high! As I always say no product is perfect, this tool has made my top ten all time favorites.



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