MLSP Review

mlspIf you are looking at joining My lead System Pro, my review based on my time using that system and expereince with my sponsor David Wood that will help you make the best decision for you. I think the bottom line is that if you are in MLM or are looking for a system that can drive leads for you, then the amount of leads is just a means to an end.

I am not in MLM anymore (I found something way better) and have not been in traditional (old school) MLM for almost 5 years, so a lot of what the MLSP system can do wasn’t for me. That’s because of a few things, bit mainly this…

What Is MLSP?

mlsp imageMLSP or otherwise known as My Lead System Pro is a online marketing system that is designed to help people in MLM (multi level marketing) create leads online by being the hunted not the hunter (let’s face it, no one like s being chased down in the convenience store for ways to make money from (ask me how I know). They do not have a business opportunity connected to their system (which is not wise in my opinion), because it’s really just for network marketers who need a way to generate qualified traffic online by learning internet marketing skills.

My Experiences Using MLSP…

The MLSP system, leadership and training was extremely good (and still is), though I only used it for a short time (about 3 months). Having been in what’s known as ‘top-tier’ opportunities for years, the MLSP system was a disconnect for me. MLSP does NOT upsell their new customers (except for their own trainings done in house). That model just didn’t work for me, though Norbert Orliewitz and Brian Fanale have made an incredible system.

Should You Join MLSP?

You should only join MLSP if you are in a traditional MLM company (I have no idea why 99% of people in MLM stay in MLM, but that’s another story ;), and actually want to stay in MLM and need a system to help you training other people how to get leads for their low paying MLM business (no apologies for that).

MLSP Features I Like

  • Very good system
  • Very good training
  • Affordable for most anyone-either $49 for basic membership or $97 for the advanced
  • Pays residual income that can be very good if you can drive a lot of people into the system

What I Don’t Like About MLSP

  • They don’t have a back end high ticket offer (or any offer)
  • They encourage people to stay in low paying MLM companies that pay ridiculously tiny commissions
  • Difficult for people to make a lot of success (system perpetuates that do to the whole MLM thing)

My rating? On a scale of 0-100, I rate this system at a ’80’ which is good.


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