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Marketing With Anik Review

Marketing With AnikIn this this review of Marketing With Anik and marketing with Anik 2.0 I’m going to share my experience being a member of his community and as a product user.

For those of you not familiar with ANik Singahl, he’s one of the most prolific affiliate marketers on the planet. He’s been marketing online for many years and is famous for his ability to make millions of dollar of profit through affiliate marketing on CLickbank nboth being a vendor and also as an affiliate himself.

Whether you love him or hate him, the facts are that Anik Singhal is very successful, extremely skilled, and honestly a very polished marketer. He is also a master marketer and it shows. The good news is that becuse of those attributes, he really shows hist students what to do to make money online especially of they are newbie internet marketers.

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What Is Marketing With Anik?

MWA 2.0 Backoffice screenshot
Marketing With Anik actually has 2 versions, Marketing with Anik (the original verdsion) and now Marketing With Anik 2.0. This Marketing With Anik review will primarily be covering Marketing With Anik 2.0 because that’s the course that I bought and have enjoyed using. I’ve got to say that the guy is a birlliant marketer, and the course is just stuffed full of very solid content.

Even though I’ve been a porfoessional, full time internet marketer having acheived a decent amount of success, I still walked away with a ton of great ideas from Anik and his team (there are several different people who offer training within the course, though Anik does the weekly Webinar trainings).

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What’s included in Marketing With Anik 2.0?

Anik's Insider Club LogoWhat you’ll find in the Marketing With Anik 2.0 course are mostly video trainings consisting of recorded Webianr’s as well as weekly live Webianrs where he teaches fresh content and answers your questions as well.

What I’ve found being on these trainings is current, fresh, and relevant internet marketing training from one of the best out there and considering the ridiculous price you get all this for, he just plain over delivers.

To tell you the truth, you may feel a  bit overwhelmed with the sheer volume of training material here, so I suggest you think of it as eating an elephant- ‘one bite at a time’. That said, I suggest you follow the order of the Webinar training listed in the ‘Anik’s Coaching Corner’ because he does lay out a a pretty good flow of training there.

There are also many advanced level trainings found in his upsell ‘Insider’s Club’ offer which I would suggest if you are ready for a bit more advanced training (you can always upgrade, though his one time offers when you first visit the Marketing With Anik 2.0 order page are heavily discounted-fyi

How Much Does Marketing With Anik Cost?

Marketing With Anik 2.0 costs a mere $37 one time-there are no recurring fees with the basic membership. Now Anik does have something called the “Insider’s Club’ which does have a recurring monthly fee, but it’s nominal and again he just overdelivers as far as I’m concerned.

While I am not allowed to share the specific content in detail, I can at least tell you that the ‘Lazy Tubester’ course and the the ‘Clickbank Overnight’ courses sold for $200 and $500 outside of the Marketing With Anik membership in past, so he is sharing some of his best marketing strategies and secrets at no additional cost.

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Advantages Of MWA 2.0

  • Extremely affordable at just $37 one time
  • A TON of current, really valuable information for both new and experienced affiliate marketers
  • Support is very responsive -(he even has live operators to take your call personally)
  • Weekly live Webinars are extremely valuable to be a part of an get questions answered live

What I Don’t Like About MWA 2.0

  • Though the info is great, there’s almost too much
  • The Insider’s Club can be a little overwhelming (if you upgrade to that)
  • YOu will need a fair amount of time to go through all the training

My rating? On a scale of 0-100, I rate this course at an ’88′ which is very high


If you are looking at getting started with affiliate marketing online, Marketing With Anik 2.0 will probably be a good fit and $37 can fit in anyone’s budget. As I mentioned above in my rating, becuase there’s so much content, you will need to budget out time each day to review it and then take action on what you learn.

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