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Carbon Copy Pro Review

Carbon Copy ProCarbon Copy Pro was an online sales and marketing system created by Jay Kubassek in 2008 (originally known as Carbon Copy Marketing). I need to start off this review by telling you that I was a member for years with Carbon Copy Pro and enjoyed success there. However, as you read through this Carbon Copy Pro review, you’ll quickly see why I left.

Carbon Copy Pro wass the next generation of the original system and helped create success for it’s members in the first few years. By 2009, Jay Kubbassek launched the Pro version of Carbon Copy and created unprecedented numbers of affiliates for themselves and for the company that they were promoting at the time called Wealth Masters International (a top tier company based in Sugar Land, TX).

What Is Carbon Copy Pro?

Carbon Copy Pro was an online marketing and training platform and also a sales machines that allowed people of all skill levels to join the company, get a replicated sales page and start marketing their business. I originally joined Carbon Copy Pro in late 2009 because I wanted to leverage their success, their automated marketing system, and sales process.

On the back end, CCPro trained you how to start an online business from home by teaching you the basic of internet marketing and offers some valuable mindset and personal growth development training as well.

How Carbon Copy Pro Works

ccprotestdriveThe marketing system involved each member getting a ‘copy’ of the same marketing funnel that Jay Kubbassek used to make a lot of money online back when he was in Liberty League (a top tier direct sales company that has since shut down). The idea is that once you get a sales and marketing system branded with Jay’s face and personal story, you can then take the information you’ve developed and start marketing it all across the internet.

The company required prospects coming into the system to pay up to $49 for an application (known as a funded proposal) to see what the inside looked like and to get all the details of the company’s operations and sales process. They’ve since removed that.

**Carbon Copy Pro is no longer available. It is now ProU, which I don’t care for.

How Much Does Carbon Copy Pro Cost?

Pro costs $149 per month for the membership, though they did offer a student membership which was limited for $49/month. They used to have a paid application process, however they have since done away with that and promote their marketing training and monthly membership. 

Introducing Pro U – The Next Generation Of Carbon Copy Pro

proUframedIn late 2010, Kubbassek and then partner Aaron Parkinson launched the next evolution of Carbon Copy Pro called Pro U, which stood for Pro University, which was supposed to take the company away from their sales system and more to a marketing education system. Unfortunately for Carbon Copy, the ProU system was not well received by the community and most importantly to the new members coming in because it was confusing.

Pro U then decided to break off completely with Wealth Masters for their ‘back end’ product and introduce David Bach and his “Automatic Millionaire ‘program based on his best selling line of books called ‘The Automatic Millionaire’. Due to some poor decisions on Carbon Copy Pro (I believe), the company entered into a major decline. Memberships dropped substantially, and they experienced a mass exodus of their members back to Wealth Masters and the new system created by former top Carbon Copy Pro earner and member Jeff Learner (the real spelling of his name is Lerner) and his new system to promote WMI called Millionaire Operating System.

Carbon Copy Pro Benefits

  • Lost of good quality training
  • Good community of marketers to be around

What I Don’t Like About Carbon Copy Pro

  • The new Pro U is NOT the old Carbon Copy Pro
  • They no longer have John Jackson as their VP of Leadership (daily JJ calls are GONE)
  • They no longer promote Wealth Masters International rather the Automatic Millionaire products with David Bach which converted very poorly relative to the WMI product line
  • They are more of a training system than a business opportunity
  • They lost their power

My rating? On a scale of 0-100, I rate this opportunity at an ’69 which is very low.

Based on my personal experience with Pro for more than two years I used to be able to tell you that it was the premier business opprtunity online, but I can no longer say that.





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