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Article Marketing Robot Review

Article marketing robotIn this product review, I’m going to share my experience using Article Marketing Robot over roughly 6 month period. I won’t be holding back because I want to share the good and not so good things about the software. Article Marketing Robot was created by Vince Severson a few years ago and when he first launched it, he created a ton of interest primarily because there wasn’t anyone in the mass article submission market back then who offered really good ongoing product support.

Though there have been thousands of users of Article Marketing Robot since then (me being one of them), it’s important that you know how the latest rounds of Google updates in mid 2012 affected the use of these types of tools. I’ll cover more about that in just a bit. I want to share my personal experiences here after using it for about 1/2 a year or so.

What Is Article Marketing Robot?

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Article Marketing Robot is automated PC based mass article submission too that sends article content that you provide out to thousands of mostly low quality, low page rank article directories. The reality is that you can send an article that you spin (either manually, with the built in spinner, or an external tool like SpinRewriter) to almost ten thousand directories. Does that sound realistic? Well, yes and no. Article Marketing Robot cna and will do that but the real question is should it be doing that in light of the most recent Google algorithm updates of 2012? The obvious answer is no.

SEO is not only complex but also a bit technical in a lot of ways. Assuming that you’re going to use Article Marketing Robot as a silver bullet to getting your website ranked is not only silly but dangerous in my opinion because Google is tracking ‘footprints’ and if they see you having ridiculous amounts of junky, low page rank links very quickly, they are going to know something  is up and penalize you. To get your website ranked is not only going take some time to do correctly (assuming there is at least asome competition for your keywords), but will also require you do a variety of things and in a certain way. I can’t get into proper SEO here, but I can tell you one tool is not enough.

 How Does Article Marketing Robot Work?

Article marketing Robot works by having the user create a real email account 9or a bunch of them if you want to) and then actually signing up for thousands of article directories directly through the software. Once you get through setting up your email account (admittedly this is a bit ‘techy’ and you need to understand hosting based emails, cpanels, ports and PoP 3 jargon), you then need to choose the categories that each account will send to based on the user (sounds like fun right? It’s not trust me!). Then, you have to purchase an account with a captcha solving service like DeathByCaptcha and purchase enough so your submissions don’t get all blocked.

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After you’ve gone through that process, Article Marketing Robot will then be ready to send an article which you will need to spin using something like SpinRewriter and then load into the software which will begin sending out your ‘unique articles’ on a drip feed kind of way. The way Article Marketing Robot works is that you can choose which directories you want to submit to and which ones you don’t, which is actually a good thing. It will then keep sending these submissions out on your behalf over and over.

The Verdict On Article Marketing Robot

The software has been around for a few years and as far as mass article submission software, AMR is probably the best out there. However, even though I own the software and have used it in the past I no longer recommend it. here’s my summary:

Advantage Of Article Marketing Robot

  • Has the power to create a lot of backlinks
  • It now has the ability to send to a few of the highest PR ranked sites (for an additional cost)
  • As far as mass article submission tools, it’s the best in my opinion


  • It creates a lot of low page rank links that are weak-it could HURT your website rankings!!
  • It’s PC based and very clunky to set up (the user interface isn’t pretty)
  • The set up is NOT fun at all-took me 3+ hours to set it up and much frustration!

My rating? On a scale of 0-100, I rate this tool at an ’60’ which is quite low.

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